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Blumove is a versatile product made with many interesting features.

We worked hard to develop a great tool so we mixed innovation, design, modern technology, dedication and lots of enthusiasm. We built it for you to enjoy all the features and to satisfy our high standards and expectations. The product was developed with the cooperation of Bluetooth S.I.G and it is based on the new modern BLE technology. The security coding was made with Laird technology. All mentioned above make this product unique on the market since we could add extra features that is not present yet on the Bluetooth beacon market.

What is Blumove?

Blumove is an intelligent Bluetooth beacon that sends a signal to the cell phone if any event happens that we want to be notified about even if we are not present. It is sending us a signal if a door stays open or an important object moves from its place. It signals and warns us if our pet has moved too far and also possible to find hidden objects with it. The whole family or friends, can be reached with text message and useful help in work, in hobby, in sports or at home.

It would be too long to write down the whole list what this great little blumove product can be used for so please check out our website to get familiar with the detailed information. Please read the product information and if you have any questions please do not hesitate to write us.

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Product description

Blumove is a versatile and innovative Bluetooth beacon product made with many interesting features and can be used several ways.

It is possible to follow the favorite pet, or the lost objects, and on top of that it can guard our valuables that we leave unsecured. The doors, sport equipments and valuables can be monitored with it. In sport it can function as an odometer or used for sport activity monitoring. There is no need to waste our time to watch all these things because blumove reminds us if anything happens. It can also be used as a remote to find our cell phone, or receiving phone calls, moreover it can be even used to export photos. Short text messages can be forwarded to family members so there is no need for post-it notes anymore. It is possible to monitor movements or any failure that causes discontinued function. Furthermore, all these information can be stored and we can see the logs to follow up on the activities. This is still not the full list of all the possibilities with this product. In the near future there are several idea to develop even more useful applications to build in this great blumove product.

Product structure

The blumove product is a Bluetooth beacon that consists of a BLE radio, memory, processor, multifunctional motion detector and a piezzo Buzzer. It operates from one 2032 battery that will last for a year with basic usage.

Software support

It can be used with cell phone that supports iOS6, iOS7 or Android 4.3+

Cell phones

iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPhone5c, iPhone 5s, iPad 3rd, 4th generation, iPod touch 5th generation, iPad mini and Samsung Galaxy S3 and Samsung Galaxy S4.

Radio coverage

200 feet with no problems but very effective also inside of a house.

Our story has started in October 2012

The big idea came that we should develop a Bluetooth product that can be easily used in our everyday life, sports or hobby. The Bluetooth technology has arrived to a new stage since a very useful BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) was put on the market that helps to have a working tool in use for more than a year with one button battery. It was a big step since we all know that in the past it was a big issue since the battery of the Bluetooth products did not last too long.

The new technology opened new opportunities.

In January 2013 we have started to collect all the necessary information to the product development and we could start to work. Our team was ready to start the project by April-May. We have contacted Bluetooth S.I.G. and registered with them. We have got full support to start the development of the product. The second big step was to choose Laird Technology to develop and produce the radio modules. They have great experience and gave us a very favorable proposal.

By the summer the test panel was ready and we could start testing it to find the best product.

We could choose the best parts for the product and we have built the basic prototype. Next step was the software development. Soon we bought license from Apple and started the iOS application development. We had many tasks to complete including panel planing, design, and new solutions.

2013 was a very productive and successful year since we has the Bluetooth beacon with working software. During the iOS development we realized that we need more technology development than the module and the cell phones operating systems can handle. In January with Laird Technology we started the development of a new and unique pairing mode and code. This development opened new opportunities for us and the blumove product can be used much better, easier and more secure. The AES encryption technology ensures that the open connection can be used more secure and much easier.

It opened the possibility to use Blumove beacon with more than one cell phone and the sent data can be transfered in cloud system in very secure mode.

In the spring of 2014 the product was under serious testing and the Android developments has started as well. In April the product was ready to be introduced.

According to our plans blumove product can be ordered on this website soon.

We hope you will enjoy this wonderful product.

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Blumove Team

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